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Bluetooth headset you choose right?

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Bluetooth headset to be compatible with the phone
It is understood that the Bluetooth headset in the specifications, there are HeadsetPro- file (HSP), HandfreeProfile (HFP) and A2DP three specifications. HSP provides the basic functionality required for communication between mobile phones (mobile phones) and headphones. HandfreeProfile (HFP) adds some extensions to HeadsetPro- file (HSP). A2DP (Advanced Audio Transfer Specification) allows the transmission of stereo audio signals.
"Because the phone and headset brand, the most troubled consumers is the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset compatibility between the consumer before buying must first study their own phone to support which specifications, and then find the right Bluetooth headset pairing use. Which HFP format Bluetooth headset support mobile phone function is relatively complete, consumers can also operate on the headset phone set a good redial, call retention, call rejection and other hands-free option function. "Sales staff said.
Consumers to buy Bluetooth products, often see Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 and other figures, numbers represent different specifications. The higher the number, the more new the representative version. The new version can overcome the noise interference, and all the latest versions of Bluetooth are designed for backward compatibility with all previous versions, 2.0 version of the device and 1.1 version can also be free to connect, 3.0 compatibility is relatively strong, is more mature technology, and Battery life is also due to increased technology, consumers should be measured when the price and demand.
Bluetooth headset charge 2 hours best
Bluetooth headset is a small electrical equipment, the first use, try to make headphones charge 2-4 hours or so, after charging 2 hours can be, preferably not more than 4 hours. Some consumers believe that the first use to charge 24 hours, which is unfounded, and overcharge but also on the Bluetooth headset battery life impact.
It is understood that the Bluetooth headset transmission distance has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version, but depends on the Bluetooth technology PowerClass. Most mobile phones and mobile devices use PowerClass2, the standard transmission distance of 10 meters, and upgrade the PowerClass1 is the transmission distance to 100 meters. "In the actual use of the process, the phone and the Bluetooth headset distance, and the call noise is proportional to. So try not to use the Bluetooth headset away from the phone, if there is no big obstacle in the middle, within 7 meters transmission quality is very good, More than 8 meters may be a breakpoint, more than 10 meters of call quality is greatly affected. "Sales staff said.